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Tuesday, August 31, 2004  
At home sick with a cold, and just saw a "tease" for the 5 o clock news. "The Republican Covention is in full swing... President Bush clarifies his position on the war on terror..." I just had to laugh. What position? Let me sum it up: "We will win". Delivered in that annoying meaningless football team monotone voice. The problem is, who is "we" and what is "win"? Hmm? That is a position. We will win is just so freaking dumb. It's not a position. It's rhetoric pure and through. "We" and what "win" is... those are the issues he needs to clarify, but he doesn't, and another chapter is written about crap yet again. i can't stand how hollow it all is. bono is on o'reilly tomorrow night. that i want to see. "we will win." come on!! it's on a par with the depth of an episode of "the nanny."

Ben and I just had a wonderful vacation in New England end of summer haze daze with ice cream and beautiful drives and villages and ice cream and mountain hikes and jumps in the pool and board games and jacuzzis and cute little black bear clubs and ice cream and crossword puzzles and other not to be mentioned activities. did i mention ice cream? Can I just say this: I love Friendlys. It is such a great establishment. Kudos to them for remaining the same great place to get that Diet Coke, Grilled Cheese that its always been. We saw some hicks, pottery, old hikers with lots of ball sweat, boulders, cushy robes, the olympics (wasn't that great this year? who knew i could be so mesmerized by sychronized diving?), rack o lamb, ridges with views of rivers, canadian oreos, singing "sussudio" at full pitch with the cheesy best of phil collins cd i had to have (so good!), driving round taking in gorgeous greens and roads, breakfast room service (Palace prices were ri-fucking-diculous), nice dinners, nice lunches, eagles soaring... literally - a boat on the golden pond lake - aka Squam Lake, took us to the eagle nesting area and eagles soared above us. And I saw where Jane Fonda skinny dipped for the movie. and water sparkled, my personal favorite. I love the New England New Hampshire accent. Ben went to town with it, and man does he role play well. Its scary good. Covered bridge land is good land in my esteem. Got to escape it all but then got sick on the plane back from a gross guy with a horrific cold that drenched wet snot all over his face, hands, seats, it was truly disgusting. and i got a cold sore throat. so I spend the day after vacation sick. nice. poor ben has no choice and has to work and feel shitty and for that he has my empathy, pity, respect, all of it. I love that man.

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